Alan Spears

Not On MY Watch!

We don’t need multi-million dollar armed inflatables and small craft if we’re not going to fight. A vinyl Sevylor raft from REI will do.

USNS ship or boat! FUK that! And Fuk Browning .50s and M60s. We’re going to immediately have surface-to-surface rockets, and Phalanx, on EVERY vessel capable of supporting those platforms! That will be MY directive to the… Continue reading

U.S. Foreign Policy Toward North Korea is Fuk’d!


To put it bluntly, our foreign policy has been fuk’d since the Bush Administration, right on through the Islamc Enemy Insurgent/Traitor’s 8-year reign of destruction. When Kim Jong Il finally gets a missile with a half-way decent guidance system, he will arm them with deady nuclear warheads — and present a direct First Strike threat… Continue reading

Election to Public Office Automatically Entitles One to Top Secret Data!

Third most powerful man in the Government in succession to the Throne.

Granted access to Top Secret/Classified mititary documents. Privy to daily briefings. This is the fuk’n problem with “elected” leaders who inure to the benefit of TS/SCI (Top Secret/Secret Compartmentalized Information) Clearances automatically, without being vetted by OPM (Office of Personnel Management), DONCAF (Department of the Navy Central Adjudication… Continue reading

Candidate Statement ~ California’s Primary


My fellow Americans: We are at war with Islam! Since al-Qaeda’s attack on 9/11, we have been attacked many times by enemy combatants. This continual siege threatens our Judeo-Christian (and Buddhist) values, and strikes at the heart and soul of our way of life. We’ve been humiliated by the Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and other jihad combatants –… Continue reading


22Mar2016. Good Morning, Planet Dumb Fuk Liberals! YOUR Islamic Enemy Insurgent/Traitor is enjoying himself at a baseball game in Havana — while Brussels, Belgium is under attack by ISIS.

34+ dead/200++ injured in coordinated ISIS attacks in Brussels. The French Prime Minister said: “We are at war!” Three Americans injured in the carnage. YOUR presidential candidate, the… Continue reading

Trump vs. Spears


THERE IS A MAJOR DIFFERENCE between Trump’s political philosophy and mine. He wants to run the government as a “business”, backed by military force. I want to run it as the mightiest military force on the planet, backed by a strong economy. Similar in many respects, but inherently VERY different. Trump would… Continue reading

America Is At War!


The Term Muslim Terrorist Is A Non Sequitur. These Barbarians Are Enemy Combatants.

We have transcended terrorism. If it didn’t start at Ft. Hood, or in Boston, it certainly started yesterday in Chattanooga, TN. We are at war with enemy combatants on U.S. soil.

REMBER THIS: One of these enemy combatants was wearing a U.S.… Continue reading

ISIS Attacks Egyptian Navy Ship Off The Siani Coast

ISIS Uses Land-Based Missile For Maritime Attack.

ISIS Attack Has Extraordinary Implications And Ramifications For Gulf Shipping.

THIS ISIS ATTACK HAS HUGE IMPLICATIONS. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin E. Dempsey and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter will dismiss this attack as a mere maritime skrimish, but won’t say much so long as their lips are stuck to Obama’s backside. Suppose ISIS… Continue reading

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Nemo Est Supre Leges ~ No One Is Above The Law

Hillary Rodham Clinton Should Be Seized By The Military, Interned At GITMO, And Tried Before A Military Commission For Treason And Conspiracy To Commit Treason.

Reasonable people may differ in their politics. But what occurred in Benghazi, Lybia, is extremely well-documented. Moreover, the blatant lies of what prompted our… Continue reading