Candidate Statement ~ California’s Primary



My fellow Americans: We are at war with Islam! Since al-Qaeda’s attack on 9/11, we have been attacked many times by enemy combatants. This continual siege threatens our Judeo-Christian (and Buddhist) values, and strikes at the heart and soul of our way of life. We’ve been humiliated by the Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and other jihad combatants – as well as by state sponsors of terrorism such as Iran, Syria and North Korea. ENOUGH! We must respond militarily with overwhelming force and such ferocity that the message of deterrence is crystal clear. Charity begins at home. Let’s first help Americans – especially Veterans, the elderly, and the chronically physically and mentally ill. We must deal with anarchists hiding behind the First Amendment who seek to destroy our institutions, advocating killing policemen, and burning our cities. Citizens must be able to defend themselves! God Bless the NRA. Washington extravagance must end. No more Imperial Presidency, half-billion-dollar jets and helicopters, an entourage flown around in two military Globemaster jets filled with weapons and vehicles, and the rest of the multi-billions now wasted that I will reallocate to rebuilding infrastructure, and creating jobs. Advanced technology has made us beholden to electronic gadgetry, especially the Internet, compromising public safety, endangering children and women. The Deep Dark Web, and similar sinister cyber forces, must be eradicated. LET’S RESTORE AMERICA’S GREATNESS was posted to my website banner quite a while ago. I believe in One Nation, Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.

This will be posted somewhere on the California Secretary of State’s website on or about April 1st 2016: