Hillary Rodham Clinton

Nemo Est Supre Leges ~ No One Is Above The Law

Hillary Rodham Clinton Should Be Seized By The Military, Interned At GITMO, And Tried Before A Military Commission For Treason And Conspiracy To Commit Treason.

Reasonable people may differ in their politics. But what occurred in Benghazi, Lybia, is extremely well-documented. Moreover, the blatant lies of what prompted our… Continue reading

Enough With Iran!

How Much Is Enough?

There is but one way to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons: destroy its nuclear program.

Notwithstanding a US$12B bribe to get the Iranians to sign-off on a piece of crap non-proliferation agreement it probably won’t honor, the regime is still talking about destroying (nuking?) Israel and America. So why did Obama task Kerry to… Continue reading

Military Awareness

Military Awareness

Alan’s Military Drive

Alan has been a sailor for nearly all of his life. From his cadet days at Elsinore Naval Academy in the mid fifties, to volunteer service as a Coast Guard Auxiliarist patrolling the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach during Operation Noble Eagle following the September 11th 2001 attack on the United States, to… Continue reading