Election to Public Office Automatically Entitles One to Top Secret Data!

Third most powerful man in the Government in succession to the Throne.

Granted access to Top Secret/Classified mititary documents. Privy to daily briefings. This is the fuk’n problem with “elected” leaders who inure to the benefit of TS/SCI (Top Secret/Secret Compartmentalized Information) Clearances automatically, without being vetted by OPM (Office of Personnel Management), DONCAF (Department of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility), etc. They get a free pass to the governments most secret data. If they applied for a job as a Junior Analyst with Army or Navy Intelligence, they couldn’t get ANY level of clearance, and would be denied employment. Cases-in-Point: The Islamic Enemy Insurgent/Traitor (Barack Hussein Obama) and the Bitch of Benghazi (Hillary Rodham Clinton). I will fuk’n fix this! As for Denny, he sucked a few pee-pees and is forever branded a pedophile!