Enough With Iran!

How Much Is Enough?

There is but one way to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons: destroy its nuclear program.

Barack's Ugly Ass

Notwithstanding a US$12B bribe to get the Iranians to sign-off on a piece of crap non-proliferation agreement it probably won’t honor, the regime is still talking about destroying (nuking?) Israel and America. So why did Obama task Kerry to negotiate an accord with Americans being held prisoner? Damn good question! This should NEVER have happened! Permitting Iran to exercise ANY military control over the Strait of Hormuz in unacceptable. The thought of them clandestinely developing nuclear missiles to accomplish this objective beggars imagination. Why would we even think of permitting Iran to acquire the military nuclear capability to shut off the flow of oil to the industrialized world?

Ayatollah Khamenei

Iranian General


HERE ARE SOME OF THOSE PESKY FACTS from the Federation of American Scientists: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/nuke/R43333.pdf “U.N. Security Resolutions require Iran to resolve these questions by providing full information to the IAEA, and the agency has held regular talks with Iran to chart a path forward. But a May 2015 IAEA Director General report to the agency’s Board of Governors said that, although the IAEA could verify that there was no diversion of nuclear material from the Iran’s declared nuclear facilities, it could not conclude that no nuclear weapons-related activity was taking place in the country, due to the lack of access to documentation, material, and personnel. Iran’s cooperation and transparency on the issue of past weapons-related activities is expected to be a key requirement for a comprehensive agreement.”

BUT THESE ARE THE REAL PESKY FACTS from the Federation of American Scientists: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/nuke/R43333.pdf “Iran has enough uranium hexafluoride containing up to 5% uranium-235, which, if further enriched, would yield enough weapons-grade HEU for as many as eight nuclear weapons.The total amount of Iranian LEU containing 20% uranium-235 would, if it had been further enriched, have been sufficient for a nuclear weapon. * * * Iran is constructing a heavy water-moderated reactor at Arak. . . * * * The Arak reactor is a proliferation concern because heavy water reactors produce spent fuel containing plutonium better suited for nuclear weapons than plutonium produced by light watermoderated reactors. If completed in its current configuration, the reactor could produce enough plutonium for between one and two nuclear weapons. . . .”


FYI: The Atomic (non-nuclear) 20-kiloton baby-bomb we dropped on Hiroshima was Uranium; the Nagasaki bomb was Plutonium.

There is but one way to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons: destroy its nuclear program. The most practical solution is, of course, to provide the Israelis with “Daisy Cutters” and “Bunker Busters”, and let them take out ALL of Irans nuclear facilities and stockpiles. Never the less, if elected, I will rescind Obama’s horrifically expensive lop-sided worthless accord, and completely destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, and uranium and plutonium stockpiles. All military options are on-the-proverbial-table, including our AGM-129 Tactical Nuclear Cruise Missiles! We are NOT going to tolerate destruction and annilhilation threats made by Iran to our staunch ally Israel, or to us. If Iran is begging us to return her to the Stone Age, that can certainly be arranged in very short order.

Tactical Nuke Cruise Missile