Hillary Rodham Clinton

Nemo Est Supre Leges ~ No One Is Above The Law

Hillary Rodham Clinton Should Be Seized By The Military, Interned At GITMO, And Tried Before A Military Commission For Treason And Conspiracy To Commit Treason.

Reasonable people may differ in their politics. But what occurred in Benghazi, Lybia, is extremely well-documented. Moreover, the blatant lies of what prompted our enemies to kill Americans, and burn the compound were the product of Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton. By perpetuating these lies they are guilty of Treason, and Conspiracy to Commit Treason. These actual photos and popular Internet posters and pictures pretty much sum it up.

Ambassador Stevens - 00   Benghazi

Benghazi Consulate   US-Ambassador-Christopher-Stevens

Bitch of Benghazi - 00   Hillary Full Investigation Poster

As President, I will hold those responsible for Benghazi, and put them on trial before a Military Commission at GITMO. It does not matter who they are, what their skin color is, or what political office they may have held. If they are aquitted of Treason, and Conspiracy to Commit Treason, by a Military Tribunal, so be it. If they’re convicted, the Military will hand down the appropriate punishment.

GITMO Courtroom   Military Commission GITMO