No More Imperial Presidency!

No More Air Force One and Two!


“The $1.65 billion budget for the next Air Force One is expected to grow, but significant delays may be a bigger concern than a cost overrun.”…/air-force-one…/385037/

Obama is  flying to Kenya. Another half-million dollar flight just for fun. Barack flying to Kenya? Another half-million dollar flight just for fun! The world is going to Hell in a handbasket, and Barack continues his imperial reign. Erstwhile, in his native Chicago, the bankrupt school district is laying off 1,400 school teachers. Barack is a hypocrite, pathological liar, narcissist, and traitor.

I will fly aboard military aircraft.

As President I will put an END to this opulent regal abuse of power and horrific waste of tax dollars associated with Air Force 1 and 2. These aircraft are used, more often than not, for fund-raising junkets and personal vacations at the base rate of US$238,000.00-per-flight-hour. The new AF1, one of TWO IDENTICAL JETS, will cost the taxpayers more than a billion dollars each! This money should be spent fixing or replacing Obamacare, refurbishing crumbling infrastructure of the U.S. Highway System, or on some other necessary public works project.