ObamaCare Rips Off Medicare For US$450B!


Witch Doctor Barack

The Sale Of The Imperial Air Force Is Imperative!

Just when I was starting to embrace using billions from the sale of the Imperial Airforce to fix Obamacare, I’m hit with news that Obama and Congress are once again trying to screw seniors. The sale of the new Boeing AF1/AF2, and Sikorsky Marine 1 should raise nearly enough money to replace the funds Obama and Congress have STOLEN (or will be stealing) from Medicare! As of now I’m down for repealing ObamaCare and starting over. The whole thing is a sham and a farce, and one of the greatest travesties ever perpetrated on Americans desperate for reasonable healthcare. The pharmaceutical companies have contributed in substantial part to our inability to get our arms around this ultra complex problem of providing reasonable cost health care. No more drugs costing US$10k per injection, and other nonsense. The FDA is as archaic as the IRS, Veteran’s Administration, EPA, DHS, ATF, and a plethora of other government regulatory agencies that need to be thoroughly overhauled.

“If You’re Over 55, the Medicare You’ve Been Counting on Is Not the Medicare You’re Going to Be Getting. Over the next 10 years, Medicare will be cut $450 billion to reduce the financial impact of ObamaCare. * * * ObamaCare’s over $1 trillion cost has to be paid by someone and seniors have just been presented with the bill.”