Trump vs. Spears


THERE IS A MAJOR DIFFERENCE between Trump’s political philosophy and mine. He wants to run the government as a “business”, backed by military force. I want to run it as the mightiest military force on the planet, backed by a strong economy. Similar in many respects, but inherently VERY different. Trump would make a great Secretary of Commerce. Unlike Trump, I do NOT want to give Vladimir Putin the finger. I don’t necessarily trust the Russians, but they’re a far better ally than the Ukranians — or the Iranians! It seems we never pick the right side. Not every political and military alliance needs to be predicated on OUR perception of democracy, or the false beliefs our antecedents instilled in us as children. That’s asinine! The Ukraine lies squarely within Russia’s hegemony, and we are not, as a practical matter, in a position to do anything militarily to compel Vladimir Putin to do anything. For all intents and purposes the people in Odessa are no different, nor less “Russian”, than the people in St. Petersberg. The diverse geo-political problems created by the break-up of the former Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) has indeed been a game-changer — especially with the splintering of Soviet military assets. The nuclear weapons of the former Soviet Union are no longer under a unified command, and myriad people,¬†governing seemingly unstable provinces pretending to be “states,” has done much to contribute to regional instability. The world was simpler, and obviously much safer, under a unified Russia. Our foreign policy towards Russia has been skewed for a very long time, and it’s time for a radical change. I will work with Vladimir Putin to the greatest extent possible to reunify Russia’s command of strategic nuclear weapons, thereby reducing the risk of their use, or being comandeered by an insurgency.