U.S. Foreign Policy Toward North Korea is Fuk’d!

Lady Liberty


To put it bluntly, our foreign policy has been fuk’d since the Bush Administration, right on through the Islamc Enemy Insurgent/Traitor’s 8-year reign of destruction. When Kim Jong Il finally gets a missile with a half-way decent guidance system, he will arm them with deady nuclear warheads — and present a direct First Strike threat to South Korea, where 35,000 U.S. troops are stationed, and to United States homeland. Out of fear of Chinese retaliation, we have foregone the military option of destroying Kim’s nuclear weapon production infrastructure, and nuclear/missile arsenal. This policy is beynd skewed — it’s fuk’d! I will launch a massive pre-emptive missile strike taking out ALL of Kim’s research and development facilities, all of his missile launch facilities, all of his missile-capable subs and most of his Air Force. This will neutralize the threat on the Korean Peninsula, and send our principal creditor, China, a crystal-clear message were NOT going to be threatened on a daily basis by a fat fuk’n ignorant little pervert. If China chooses to empower the little piece-of-shit, they must find another way. If they want a piece of it, that too can be arranged!